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In literature, Everyman has come to refer to an ordinary individual who is often placed in extraordinary circumstances. This premise is certainly at the heart of the Everyman charity, as testicular and prostate cancer can affect anyone, and the devastating effect of these terrible illnesses can turn average human beings into everyday heroes.

Everyman’s mission is to stamp out testicular and prostate cancer – the charity seeks to make everyone aware of the tell-tale signs, and understand the importance of treating them. By choosing Everyman as the charity we wish to represent on our cycling challenges, we hope to help them increase awareness, but also to raise money to fund life-saving research.

All four of us have had to deal with the fallout created by cancer and, quite frankly, we feel that nobody should have to go through the trauma that thousands of families go through every single day. Testicular cancer kills more men under 40 than breast cancer kills women under 40. This cold, hard fact is often down to lack of awareness, and so Everyman wants to rectify this and prevent the heart-break and loss that male cancer can bring about.

Over his lifetime, a man’s risk of testicular cancer is roughly 1 in 250, and is most common in males aged 15 to 40. Despite this, testicular cancer has a high recovery rate in men if diagnosed and caught early.

Prostate cancer is the most common kind of cancer in men with 37, 000 men being diagnosed each year and 250, 000 men currently living with the cancer. In the UK prostate cancer kills one man every hour. This type of cancer is more difficult to detect compared to testicular cancer, and so symptoms such as having problems passing urine, need to be monitored carefully.

We believe that Everyman offers the perfect platform to raise the awareness of these horrific illnesses, so we are quite literally putting our testicles on the line (Or saddle) please help us to help them to help every man.

If you would like to support us on our ride, please visit, where you will be able to make donations to Everyman.

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