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Lloyd Beecham

Lloyd only started cycling properly when he was 24 back when he completed the London to Paris ride with brother, Craig. The four day event was challenging and took a lot of training to achieve even the base level of fitness, but overall an incredible experience that he is hoping to replicate on the rides this year.

He has never really had the most harmonious of relationships with his bikes, as he has had a fair few run-ins with automobiles. Knocked off in Cambridge in 2004, hit by a car door, and nudged by a front bumper in 2008, it's a miracle he's still got a bike left, let alone the confidence to ride it! But this new challenge should be well worth it, especially considering the hugely deserving charity and ambitious fundraising target.

Having been a jack-of-all-trades and master of noe as far as sport is concerned, lloyd is hoping his background in swimming and ballet, which helped him procure a well-cultivated rear-end, will power him up those demanding hills over the 1400 miles. 

Craig Beecham

Very much the elder statesman of the group, Craig had a very shiny, and well-maintained Raleigh Medale in the 1980's. It served him well, until Lloyd crashed it into a car door in 2004. Realising that the old girl would never be the same again, he got a new bike, and has become progressively more involved in cycling. He completed the London - Paris with Lloyd in 2008, and last year participated in a number of century sportives. 

His old legs still don't particularly enjoy driving him up the hills, and the thought of 16 days chasing twentysomethings across the length and breadth of Britain is one that is regularly waking him up at night in a cold sweat.

On the bright side, years of jumping into a sand pit as a long jumper, diving around in goal for the 16-pint rovers, and hogging the touchline for various rugby teams has ensured that Craig has a particularly caustic backside, one that should easily stand up to the rigours of 8 hours a day in the saddle, without doing too much damage to the saddle.

Ian Hanley

Ian comes mainly from a Rowing background competing at University and currently holding position of Head of Rowing at Whitgift School. However, he has recently swapped his blades for a saddle in order to join the rest of the boys in their goal of cycling C2C and LEJOG.

Ian’s main goal for the trip is to get some serious streaming done behind the boys whilst trying to look flair in the great kit Planet X have provided us with. Being rather accident prone Ian also looks to not smash up his new bike or fall off at high speed; something that happened a few times despite only getting into this sport recently. Ian is most looking forward some low cadence hill work in Wales and Scotland!

Andy Sims

Though he won’t admit it, Andy’s most excited about the stash. His life-long penchant for spandex and the hot-pink, skin-tight, Planet-X team-kit is a match made in heaven (or Newport). Since cycling across the UK in both directions combines charity, fitness and an element of competition, Andy leapt at the challenge.

Andy’s warm-up for the CTC includes running the Copenhagen Marathon the week before and his warm-down is the Blenheim triathlon. While such masochism is perhaps forgivable, he’ll also be dragging Ian along in this fortnight of sport-induced pain. For Andy, the summer’s LEJOG is all part of his colour-coordinated and spreadsheet-documented scheme to fulfil a long-term ambition to complete his first Ironman in July 2012.

Andy is hoping to use the other lads’ “broader” frames as sails on the flat but will be tugging the team up various hills, since vertical ascents are his favourite part of cycling. He didn’t win the spotted jersey in the 2009 Tour de Usk for nothing. Andy is most looking forward to ice-cream pit stops and swimming with the Loch Ness Monster after a day in the saddle.

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